My patients were surprised to learn that silicones help them get the right amount of medicine at the right time.

Silicones have helped our favorite electronics become smaller, with greater functionality, and protect these devices from damage.

My family was surprised to learn that silicones help keep us safe by improving the braking systems in our cars.


Silicones play an increasingly important role supporting improvement, innovation, and progress in a wide range of American industry sectors, representing products from automobiles to electronics to consumer products such as household and personal care items.

Silicones have helped advance technologies and innovations

such as LED lights, electric vehicles, medical prosthetics, and renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines and solar panels.


Over many decades, the silicones industry and independent scientists have conducted more than 1,000 studies to assess the safety of silicones relative to workers, consumers, and manufacturing processes. The results of this continuous research and testing demonstrate the safety of silicones across all their important uses.